Sunny Surprises – Come walk with us – Kingsport TN Greenbelt

Sunny Surprises – Come walk with us – Kingsport TN Greenbelt – Today my husband and I walked 2-miles on the Kingsport, Tennessee Greenbelt. The Greenbelt is a wonderful walking path that follows along Reedy Creek. Let my photography take you on a walk with us….

On today’s sunny walk, there were many unexpected surprises. Ducks are always a favorite but today we also saw a Blue Heron, a vulture and three deer. The deer were too quick as they wandered through the woods and evaded my attempt to photograph them.

Greenbelt_Copyright AvanteArt
Kingsport Greenbelt TN

Come walk with us – Kingsport TN Greenbelt

When we arrived, we were greeted by this darling goose bathing in the creek. Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath…

WhiteGoose_Bath_Copyright AvanteArt
Bath time…

As we walked down the path, we were greeted at every turn by the beautiful blue sky, vibrant trees in various shades of green and bright sunlight shining through the tree branches.

Reedy_Creek_View_1_Copyright AvanteArt

The ducks did not disappoint today. In fact, there were plenty of recently hatched ducklings about…

KidsDayOut_Ducks_Copyright AvanteArt
Kids Day Out
FriendsDucks_Copyright AvanteArt

While many ducks were gathered together in the same area, the one below was enjoying a quiet retreat from the chaos….

QuietRetreatDuck_Copyright AvanteArt
Quiet Retreat

Sunny Surprises – Come walk with us – Kingsport TN Greenbelt

Not all bridges are over troubled waters…

BridgeUntroubledWaters_Copyright AvanteArt
Bridge over “untroubled” Waters

Around another curve, we came across a tiered, wood planter and a resting bench nearby.

Green Garden_Copyright AvanteArt

I couldn’t resist photographing the tree below as it’s roots cantilevered over the creek. What strength it must have. Stay rooted is the caption that came to mind.

StayRooted_Copyright AvanteArt
Stay Rooted

Sunny Surprises – Come walk with us – Kingsport TN Greenbelt

An avid bird lover, I heard the chirps before I saw the Cardinal. He was VERY high up in a tree. Luckily, I was able to zoom in and capture him as he enjoyed the tree top view.

Cardinal_Copyright AvanteArt

Green, green and more green. How can you not love the green oasis that awaits you on a nature walk? Greenbelt is an appropriate name for this beautiful walking path in Kingsport, TN.

Green Oasis_Copyright AvanteArt
Green Oasis

Friendly Vulture

I’m not sure if the words “Friendly” and “Vulture” should be in the same sentence but that’s what we were told about the vulture below. A man was sitting on a bench and the vulture brushed against him before flying to a branch in the creek. We were shocked, amazed and perplexed as to why the vulture would do such a thing. Perhaps from people getting too friendly with the wildlife? Who knows. All we know is that he struck a pose for us as we stopped to look.

Green Oasis_Copyright AvanteArt
Friendly Vulture

I enjoy photographing unusual trees, especially those that have unusual trunks. I’ve dubbed the tree below a Family Tree¬†due to all of the large trunks that appear to come from one root.

FamilyTree_Copyright AvanteArt
Family Tree

Birdhouses are not something I see every day on the Greenbelt and yet today we saw two. Are there more? Who put them there? I wonder if they were placed there in memory of a loved one lost. My Dad loved his birds. He would have loved the birdhouses too.

BirdHouse1_Copyright AvanteArt

Sunny Surprises – Come walk with us – Kingsport TN Greenbelt

A Blue Heron popped his head up from the brush as we walked along the path. He appeared to be on the lookout for dinner. I wonder what’s on the menu? Fish again?

BlueHeron_1_Copyright AvanteArt

Sure enough, he was goin’ fishin’ and headed off under a bridge.

Blue Heron GoneFishinCrane_Copyright AvanteArt
Gone Fishin’

The Greenbelt walking path goes on and on. It’s actually very hard to stop walking as we want to see what’s around the next curve in the path. My husband and I had to remind ourselves, that however far we walked in one direction, we would have to walk back!

Path_Copyright AvanteArt

As my husband and I were winding down, I took a few more photos as we walked back to our car. t was time to go home after our lovely walk on the Kingsport Greenbelt in Kingsport, TN.

TreeTrunks_Copyright AvanteArt

Home_Birdhouse_Copyright AvanteArt
Time to go home…

Sunny Surprises – Come walk with us – Kingsport TN Greenbelt

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a walk with us. Have you walked the Kingsport Greenbelt? What’s your favorite part of the walking path?

Sharing my Art & Photography, one image at a time,

Vickie H. Springer

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