Cloud Park – Kingsport GREENBELT Tennessee – Walk with Us

Cloud Park – Kingsport GREENBELT Tennessee – Walk with Us as we start at the Frank L. Cloud Park in the City of Kingsport. Established in the 1950’s this small park was once a hot spot for the residents of Kingsport. Today, it still hosts a playground, picnic tables, basketball courts, a skateboard ramp and a parking lot for the Kingsport Greenbelt trail.

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Frank L. Cloud Park

My husband and I were downtown for a doctor’s appointment, enjoyed lunch at Beef O’Brady’s and decided to take a short walk on a section of the Greenbelt that we had yet to explore. We parked at the Frank L. Cloud parking lot and headed out to the walking path just a short distance away.

This area was quite different from the Greenbelt that we had come to know. The section we walked was closer to an industrial area of Kingsport. The Domtar Paper Company was across the creek and along a section of the walking path. As in many areas of the Kingsport Greenbelt, there are many commercial businesses nearby.

Cloud Park – Kingsport GREENBELT Tennessee – Walk with Us

As the Greenbelt goes, we followed along Reedy Creek. We started out with plenty of shade but overall, there¬†was less shade than we had become accustomed too. The temp was in the 80’s and it was early afternoon so we only walked about a 1/2 hour out and then back to our car.

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There was less wildlife in this section but we were greeted by a duck and several Canadian Geese. We had numerous Canadian geese on the lake we lived on in Ohio. It looks like they may have moved to Tennessee too!

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We continued our walk along the Greenbelt, taking in the lush, green trees and the flowing Reedy Creek.

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Ahead of us we saw a wooden bridge. The bridge crossed under a railway and above the creek. The foot bridge was new but the train bridge was built in 1907. Oh, the history and stories that surely lie within its trestle and ties.

A train passed overhead as we were walking out from under the bridge.

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RailroadWalkingBridge_Greenbelt_Copyright AvanteArt

1907_RailroadBridge_Greenbelt TN_Copyright AvanteArt

RailroadBridge_Greenbelt TN_1_Copyright AvanteArt

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Holston River

A little further down the Greenbelt walking path, Reedy Creek flows into the “south fork” of the Holston River. The north and south forks meet up in Kingsport and flow to Knoxville, TN. It is a major river system that flows 136 miles as it drains much of NE Tennessee, southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina.

A man was standing in the middle of the river, waist deep, as he fished the lake.

HolstonRiver_ReedyCreek_2_Copyright Avante Art

Holston River_Kingsport TN_Copyright AvanteArt


A Mockingbird greeted us with an assortment of songs! Mockingbirds loudly “mimick” the sounds of other birds in rapid succession, changing from one bird song to another. Such fun to see and hear one today!MockingBird_Copyright AvanteArt

Bracket Fungi

As we were returning to our car, this Bracket Fungi on the side of a tree caught my eye. These polypores are a group of fungi that inhabit and attack the wood of trees, mainly feeding on dead trees. For the most part, Bracket Fungi’s are good. They play a significant role in nutrient recycling and carbon dioxide production of forest ecosystems.

Bracket Fungi_Copyright AvanteArt
Bracket Fungi

Cloud Park – Kingsport GREENBELT Tennessee – Walk with Us

This sums up our walk for today, starting and returning to the Frank L. Cloud park in downtown Kingsport.

I hope you have enjoyed walking with us along this section of the Kingsport Greenbelt in Tennessee. Another memorable walk and a beautiful day!

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Vickie H. Springer

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