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RED BARNS in Sullivan County Tennessee

I love finding and photographing barns; especially RED BARNS in Sullivan County Tennessee. I now call Northeastern Tennessee Home after moving here from Ohio and I love the photo opportunities around every corner and over top every hill.

RED BARNS in Sullivan County Tennessee - Photographic Prints_

As to the color RED, I use the word, red, loosely. Many old barns are simply faded red, rusty red or barely red with barely any red color remaining! Some barns may have just a hint of barn red siding or feature a rusty red, metal roof that catches my eye. You get the picture. When it comes to barns, any red remaining can be a good thing!

I photographed the following barns in the winter months of 2017 and 2018. On sunny days we begin our drive to take in the scenic mountains, the rolling hills and country views throughout Sullivan County. My husband, Mark, is my chauffeur, and I, Vickie, am the photographer. It’s not always easy to stop and take photos! But it’s fun.

Sullivan County encompasses Bristol, Kingsport, Blountville and other small towns in Northeastern Tennessee. It’s a beautiful area. To see more photographs and artographs, visit our shop,

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Rusty Red Sun Kissed Barn

I remember this day vividly. Mark and I started our drive mid-day on a bright, sunny, Sunday. Bright light is not always a good thing for photography, depending upon the photographic angle. This barn was the first of our day and had too much character to pass it up. Awash in sunlight, it is appropriately named the, “Rusty Red Sun Kissed barn.

What strikes me about the RUSTY RED Sun Kissed BARN in Tennessee? The rusty red roof for sure. The beautiful, grey weathered barn siding and accents of faded, barn red siding and the soft, overgrown grass flanking its sides.

RUSTY RED Sun Kissed BARN 2T Tennessee_CopyrightAvante
Photograph “Rusty Red Sun Kissed” Barn

Rusty Roadside BARN Tennessee

This Rusty Roadside Barn, nestled close to the road, beckoned to me to come closer. While its hay days might be over, this old barn still stands as a reminder of old times, good times, no doubt.

What strikes me about the Rusty Roadside BARN in Tennessee?  The rusty hue of the traditional, barn red siding along with the rusty, red metal roof.  The angled framing along the peak of the roof is unique. Love the waviness of the metal shed roof.

Rusty Roadside BARN T17_PHOTO_Tennessee_CopyrightAvante
Rusty Roadside BARN T17 Photograph

Barn Red Beauty Tennessee

Strikingly beautiful, the following Barn Red Beauty caught my eye and my heart. A large barn, somewhat worn and yet still vibrant, it stood proud and tall.

What strikes me about the Barn Red Beauty in Tennessee? The red barn siding makes this my favorite barn thus far. The fact that it is also worn and weathered on the doors and in other places gives it character. A beautiful country setting completes the scene.


Barn Red Beauty BARN T19_PHOTO_Tennessee_CopyrightAvante
Barn Red Beauty BARN T19 Photograph

Barb Wire RED BARN Tennessee

It was a warm, winter day as we drove around looking for barns. The bright blue skies and barb wire surrounding this red, countryside barn reminded me of my childhood. I grew up in the country in Ohio with a large field, red barn and barb wire fence bordering our back yard. Over the years, the field hosted cows, then horses.

What strikes me about the Barb Wire Red Barn in Tennessee? The stunning blue sky, without a cloud in sight, makes a great contrast to this lovely, lightly faded red barn. I would love to peek inside.

Barb Wire RED BARN Tennessee T42_Copyright Avante Art
Barb Wire RED BARN Tennessee T42 Photographic Print

Red Barn Pinetree Tennessee

Standing in an open field with houses nearby, the tall and towering pine tree watches over and protects papa barn and its little companion from winter winds.

What strikes me about the Red Barn Pinetree in TennesseeThe tree lined hill in the background, the bright, blue sky and the wispy clouds. A picturesque background for these simple, country red barns.

Red Barn Pinetree Tennessee T43_Copyright_AvanteArt
Red Barn Pinetree Tennessee Photographic Print

Distant Barn Roofs Tennessee

Although I took several photos of these barns from various angles, I liked this photo the best. The barns were quite worn on the other side from the afternoon sun. From this viewpoint, the shades and textures of the smaller, rusty red, metal roofs are a nice contrast to the larger, red barn.

What strikes me about the Distant Barn Roofs in Tennessee? The vibrant, Tennessee sky and rolling, light golden hillside compliment the barn red siding and various rooftops.

Distant Barn Roofs Tennessee T32_Photoograph_Copyright AvanteArt
Distant Barn Roofs Tennessee Photographic Print

RED BARNS in Sullivan County Tennessee

Finding red barns, accessible to photographing, is sometimes hit and miss. Yes, there are plenty of barns in Sullivan County, Tennessee, but red barns are few and far between. Whenever I find a barn with a red roof, red barn siding or painted red accents of any kind, I am delighted!

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Sharing my Photography….one image at a time,

Vickie H. Springer
Sullivan County, TN