Beach Cottage Coral and Aqua – Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting

These Beach Cottage Coral and Aqua – Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting remind me of my childhood, especially my teenage years, when my family vacationed on Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Florida. Those were good times. All of us kids and sometimes a friend or two would pile into our Open Road van with mom and dad and head south during spring break. It was good to get away from the cold, snowy winters in Ohio. The only thing I didn’t like about those family vacations during the school year was having to take homework along and heading back north again after a fun week on the beach.

Beach Cottage Coral and Aqua - Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting Copyright Avante Art
Beach Cottage Coral and Aqua by Vickie, Avante Art

Nevertheless, the colors of coral and aqua in various shades remind me of cottage colors, whether the cottage be inland or ocean side. My first painting is called, Beach Cottage. It has a lot of movement and features light cream and tan to represent a light sandy beach.

Beach Cottage Coral Pink Aqua – Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting

For inspiration for my paintings, I often browse the paint departments of our local hardware stores. It was in Home Depot, that I collected a Behr Cottage paint color brochure and Behr swatch cards featuring cottage and beachy colors. I appreciate how the paint manufacturers provide color “combinations.” Whether painting a wall or painting on canvas, choosing paint colors can sometimes be overwhelming.

Behr Home Decorators Collection Cottage
Behr Color Smart Paint Swatch Cards

When choosing paint for our home, one thing that Mark and I always do is to paint a large swatch of the color on a 11″x14″ piece of foam core board. We paint two coats on the board and when dry, we place it in the room and look at it at different times of the day. Paint almost always dries darker and the color most definitely looks different during different times of the day, based upon how much light is in the room. Carpenter’s say, “measure twice, cut once”. Painter’s say, “check the color twice (or more) and paint once.” Actually, we always paint two coats of color but you get the idea.

Beach Cottage Coral and Aqua – Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I rarely ever paint just one piece of art at a time. After selecting and preparing my paint colors, I typically pour two paintings (or more). This is my second one called Summer Cottage.

Summer Cottage_Copyright AvanteArt
Summer Cottage by Vickie, Avante Art

Beach Cottage Coral and Aqua – Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting

The coral and light aqua colors that I chose for today’s paintings can be found in many categories of home decor. Here are a just a couple of examples that I found…

Beach Cottage Porch Door


Seahorse Pillow
Seahorse Pillow

Inspiration for my paintings and home decor can be found just about everywhere from a hardware store to a department store to the internet and so many other places in between.

If you have any interest in my beach cottage paintings, please email me at – These two paintings are currently unframed.

Sharing my Art & Photograph one image at a time,

Vickie H. Springer


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