Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting Purple Green Swirl

Art is about experimenting. Perhaps, that is why I like it so much. I enjoy experimenting with different colors, materials and techniques.  I can use the same colors for each painting and no two paintings will ever ever be the same.  With that said, Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting Purple Green Swirl is today’s theme and the result is Purple Maze and Purple Path.

Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting Purple Green Swirl Copyright Avante Art
Purple Maze 11″ x 14″ Mat Board, Hand-poured by Vickie, Avante Art – PURCHASE Purple Maze PRINT

Of course, it’s never enough to paint with just two colors. White is nearly always a main stay when pouring paint. White adds a nice contrast to vibrant colors and creates interesting effects. As usual, I poured, tilted and swirled the paint on the canvas to create lava flows of purple and green.

Purple_Green_8x10_Copyright AvanteArt
8×10 Purple Path, Hand-poured by Vickie, Avante Art – PURCHASE Purple Path PRINT

Acrylic Fluid Pour Painting Purple Green Swirl

Purple and green are two of my favorite colors. These were our wedding colors over a decade ago and I’ve never tired of them. In fact, our guest bedroom is decorated in green and purple.

Someone asked me recently, “Why do you like pouring paint so much?” The answer is easy. It’s fun! Seriously though, I enjoy experimenting with a variety of color combinations and pouring on various types of materials from canvas boards to stretch canvas to mat boards. I even poured on a dry erase board the other day.

Every color combination I mix as well as the different techniques I try results in toadally different looks. Did I say, “toadally?” Sorry, that was from our wedding too! “Toadally in Love” was our theme and little frogs decorated our tables.

Anyway, pouring is fast becoming a passion of mine. Do you have a passion for art or crafting?

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