About Us

A husband and wife team, we have a passion for enjoying life and photography. Our artistic perspective combined with our love for nature makes photography a perfect fit for our retirement. In addition, Vickie enjoys hand-painting artwork on those cold and rainy days when not outdoors. Her original artwork is available as photographic and artographic prints.

Mark grew up at the foot of the Alleghany mountains in a rural area called Oliphant Furnace near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Vickie grew up in the countryside of Canton, Ohio. We were raised in different states, but our childhoods were similar. The homes we grew up in were small (no air conditioning), we played outside in snowy weather, had plenty of chores and responsibilities and were taught good ethics.

Like many young adults, when the time was right and opportunities presented themselves, we left our respective states of PA and OH to explore life elsewhere. We left our roots. We left country life.


About Us

Fast forward, decades later, we met and married. Eventually, our retirement took us from northeastern Ohio to northeastern Tennessee. While most people retire to Florida, we still wanted to enjoy the changing of the seasons.  Not only is Tennessee a beautiful state, it is retirement friendly as well. We house hunted from LaFollette to Mount Juliet in Central Tennessee and Bristol to Elizabethton in Northeastern Tennessee.

Sullivan County is where we decided to put down new roots. We love the rural area we now call home. Beautiful mountain views greet us at every turn and photo opportunities are everywhere. Our nearest neighbors are black Angus cattle, wild turkeys and deer.

Tri-Cities Tennessee

It is here, in the Tri-Cities area (Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City) that we decided to re-ignite our long time interest in photography. As fairly experienced photographers in our own right, we now have the time to embrace the beauty around us. Our retirement enables us the new found freedom to stop and capture photographic moments.

The first barn photo captured by Vickie was absolutely pure luck. We were driving 70 miles per hour on the highway in Virginia, just north of Bristol. Vickie held up her camera to the passenger window and started snapping random photos as the farms and fields flew by. One of the snapshots timed out just right and she captured a colorful, aqua green patina’d barn with a back drop of rolling hills and a field of green grass speckled with cows. She was hooked. Her first barn photo is called, First Love. She continues to snap random photos during our highway drives.

Tennessee offers weathered barns on nearly every country road. These forlorn, and often forgotten, barns beckon to be photographed. The variety of farm and wild animals, birds, landscapes and gorgeous mountain and lake views makes this area a photographer’s dream.

Photography to Artography

Our photographic images are available in print form OR as an artograph.

What is an artograph?

ARTography – is a unique blend of digitally enhanced photography and creative design to produce artistic images. Our style of artography reflects the softness and visual appeal of hand-painted art. Visually, our artographs offer a touch of warmth and a sense of timelessness.

We invite you to peruse our collection of photographs and artographs. All are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and styles.

ART, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder,

Vickie & Mark Springer
Artistic Photographers
Sullivan County, TN